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New earthli logo


<img src="{att_link}e_logo_full.png" href="{att_link}e_logo_full.png" align="center" scale="75%"> After long months of focus-group testing and careful deliberation, earthli has a new logo. This logo is only rendered in alpha-transparent PNG, so will look extra bad on all Windows IE incarnations, but those are the breaks. It's worth it just to have one logo for all themes now. The new logo also makes a nicer and more distinct icon, as you can see in the icon to the left. With the decision to leave all non-alpha-transparent-PNG rendering browsers behind, the logo can make full use of the alpha-transparency to make a blue button that is translucent on any background color and has a nice, subtle drop-shadow (inspired by the Aqua interface I've been working with now for over 3 weeks). <span class="notes">See <a href="">browser support</a> for more information on PNG images.</span>