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Civil Rights the next casualty?


In the wake of the WTC attack, it is unfortunate to see the stirrings of government agencies that see this as an opportunity to legalize infringements of basic rights on Americans too shellshocked and/or frightened to resist. Already, on Tuesday afternoon, the FBI was shopping their home-grown packet-sniffer, dubbed 'Carnivore', around to all the major ISPs again. This is a blatant, crude move that will likely work for many ISPs who don't want to be seen as uncooperative or harboring terrorist communications. It is the type of move that will be applauded by the people to 'make sure this won't happen again'. The problem is that it can only reveal what it can read, and encrypted communications will present no new information to the FBI. The only thing we will have accomplished is to grant the FBI the right to spy on all of our personal unencrypted information. More basic rights will be eroded. <a href=",1283,46784,00.html">Read More</a>