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New logo and upgrade


<img src="{site_icons}/logos/earthli_rabbit_logo.png" title="Oz" align="left">Earthli, less than a year after it's last logo change, has once again updated its logo. This one really feels like the one that will stick, as it's unique and looks nice. It also lends itself much better to a smaller, more recognizable page icon (if you're using a browser other than IE, you should see the icon in your page tabs or bookmarks). It also doesn't remind people of IE (like the last one, with the 'e' in it) and doesn't steal the look of Mac OS X with the 'aqua' rendering. The logo is, of course, based on the illustrious <a href="/users/oz/">Oz</a>, depicting him sitting in his garden. I think the new design lends itself much better to a T-shirt than the last, with just Oz by himself adorning the pocket and perhaps the whole thing across the back. It's just an idea for now, though... In addition, earthli has been upgraded to the latest version of the earthli WebCore, including software upgrades for Albums, News, Projects and Recipes. The long-awaited subscription integration is almost complete and will be activated as soon as the testing phase is complete. This latest upgrade involved a significant database upgrade. Subsequent code releases should come more quickly as the next few versions worth of features involve code-only changes. Enjoy.