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The only answer is a military one.


In a recent <a href="">New York Newsday</a>, an editor, Howard Gardner, statemed in an <a href=""> article</a>: <span class="quote"><q>If we can carve away that arrogance, replacing it with a tad of humility, we will gain the respect of the civilized world. And, in the process, we will so isolate the fanatics and terrorists that the rest of the world will shrink away from them.</q></span> Andrew Targovnik of Syosset responds: <span class="quote"><q>...This is typical liberal utopian garbage. So let's be humble and this will reduce terrorist attacks? Please. There's only one way to deal with people of this mind-set. It's to wipe them off the face of the earth. That is why any military action we take won't be to <q>even the score,</q> as Gardner writes. It's to eliminate these people so we and our children can live securely in a saf world, free from the fear and terror that we all feel now. If we don't get them, they will get us. It's that simple.</q></span> This letter could just as easily have been written by a radical fundamentalist Muslim to exhort his people into attacking the U.S. It seems we will always have our fanatics as well. People who think war is the answer to everything. Did our actions of the past anger people? Indubitably. Would tempering our national ego and being more even-handed in our foreign policy anger fewer people? Sure. Will killing all people currently angry at us rid the world of terrorism (against the U.S. of course)? Nope. It will make a whole new generation of terrorists. The latest moves by our government seem to be more in the vein of Mr. Targovnik's ideas than Mr. Gardner's, though.