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#1 − WSWS provides a much more balanced, researched article


China’s lockdown in Xi’an suppressing COVID-19 outbreak by Jerry Zhang, Peter Symonds (WSWS)

“The outbreak in Xi’an is the largest for 2021 and by some accounts the largest since the initial eruption of the virus in Wuhan in 2020. The lockdown has undoubtedly been a disruption to the daily lives of its 13 million residents. There have been reported delays in the housing of non-residents caught in the city, confusion over changing regulations, shortages of food and other necessities and in the worst cases, bureaucratic excesses, which have understandably led to complaints and criticism on social media.
“Not noted in the article was that the greatest difficulties confront migrant workers from outside Xi’an who stay in the densely packed urban villages in the city and have a disproportionately high number of infections. Most are stranded without access to kitchens and cooking utensils and are forced to survive on instant noodles. Unlike in other neighbourhoods where residents are asked about their needs for meat and vegetables, local officials simply ask migrant workers how many more packs of instant ramen they need.
“The opposition of the WSWS to the politics and authoritarian methods of the Chinese regime are well established. However, its response to the pandemic, whatever the flaws, is a scientifically-based strategy aimed at eliminating the disease and thus minimising deaths and damage to the health of the population.
“While a largely upper-middle class layer is critical of their “loss of freedom” and argues on social media that China should also learn to “live with the virus,” that sentiment has become significantly muted amid the current COVID wave swamping the US and Europe.
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#2 − Mt Eyjafjallajokull


Maybe many are still confused how to pronounce the name of this volcano, Mt. Eyjafjallajokull. The eruption of Mt. Eyjafjallajokull has disrupted air travel once again. The volcano re-erupted and a change of winds caused an ash cloud to prevent air travel again. Luckily for travelers this time around it was only overnight and not for days. There’s chatter that this volcano may erupt all over again, leading to delays in flights yet again. If it is in any way achievable, I would recommend not flying into any regions affected by this volcano until it is certain that there won’t be any more activity with the volcano.


#1 − I heart windows


Windows users don’t have to download anything to play the OGG file… it plays right in Wiki :P

#3 − Nice!


Finally read this and it made me bust up several times, loudly, at the office. Thanks for the entertainment and well written piece!

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#1 − agree 100%


What if 9-11 was set up by homeland security to generally increase controlling and enabling this new Business? … just an evil tought from me …

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hey, their belts look like thouse we got in the swiss army but look at the shoes. looks like the ones from my dad or even his dad. is this standard equipment of us-army??

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#1 − Another example from Eric Lippert


Begging the question by Eric Lippert (Fabulous Adventures In Coding):

“Suppose I asked “why are diamonds very hard but butter is very soft?” and you answered “diamond and butter are both made out of atoms; the atoms of diamonds are hard and the atoms of butter are soft.” You would have begged the question; your answer to my question “why are some things hard and some things soft” is “because some things are made out of stuff that is hard and some things are made out of stuff that is soft” – that is, you’ve avoided answering the question by providing an “explanation” that itself cannot be understood without answering the original question – namely, why is some stuff hard and some stuff soft? This pseudo-explanation has no predictive power; it doesn’t tell us anything new, it just circles back on itself. The explanatory assumption – that some atoms are hard and some atoms are soft – is stronger than the thing we are trying to investigate – the hardness and softness of two substances.”
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#1 − thumbs up


why dont you have a little icon so i can put this on my facebook page?

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#1 − True


I know not only a few but a actually a lot of young people here in Switzerland that do not accept these regulations once more from America and therefore say, they will not travel to the US any more and telling me that America is kind of an “unwanted country”. They have the mindset that America is on one’s high horse. So I think as well this will have major drawbacks to the U.S. over the time. The reputation of the U.S. already not the best and getting worst for not only a few people here.

The whole situation in the U.S. with so called “Security Issues” (what clearly solves non of these security issues but sounds like they do something against terrorism; in the world of IT this concept is called “Security by obsurity”) reminds me to some Hollywood movies. Do you remember “Equilibrium” or “Brazil”? Think America is moving fast into this direction…

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#1 − Sunny in Cali


How do I post a picture of all suns and in the low to mid 80's for this week? HAHAHA well you’ll get to see for yourself soon! :)

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#1 − Followup…


I even got a nice response. We agree to disagree … could have been worse.


“I am glad and surprized to hear that you are willing to agree to disagree. Let freedom ring:

““In vain would that man claim tribute to patriotism, who seeks to subvert these(religion & morality)greatest pillars of human happiness, these firmest props of the duties of men and citizens.”- George Washington

“Semper Fidelis (Always Faithful),

“Joseph Gomez”

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marco (updated by marco)

UPDATE: Speaking of approving the war, here’s a great cartoon from MNFTIU (My New Fighting Technique Is Unstoppable). (Spoiler: it isn’t really pro-war.)

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UPDATE: Here’s a conceptual map of the world from an American viewpoint sent to me that might help explain that 90% approval rating for war.

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UPDATE: Aaron McGruder, writer of the comic strip the Boondocks, has been under attack for some of the views expressed in his strip in the last few weeks. He’s even been censored in a lot of newspapers because he’s not “standing behind a unified country.” His latest strips are a pretty thinly veiled attempt to do just that (Wednesday and Thursday).

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I found the lyrics to the song if you don’t feel like downloading it.

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