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A corporate Christmas

Published by marco on

Boeing isn’t doing as badly as their massive layoffs (90,000) would lead you to believe. Sure, Lockheed Martin got the HUGE Joint Strike Fighter contract a few weeks ago, but Boeing’s lining up some pretty sweet deals for itself as well, which include:

<q>The plan to lease 100 converted Boeing 767 air refueling aircraft for a period of 10 years has all the hallmarks of an even bigger boondoggle. The Office of Management and Budget estimates that the lease plan would cost $22 billion, while purchasing the aircraft outright would cost just over $15 billion.</q>

In the same vein, Mother Jones published The Stimulus Scam, which discusses many of the bills and proposals before Congress today. Be aware that neither the Boeing contract nor many of these proposals have been passed yet.

And lastly, for a bit of levity (though not much), Mark Morford of SFGate writes Bush Fondles Your Luggage, The Feds take over airport security, and fun bodily searches will never be the same.