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A corporate Christmas


Boeing isn't doing as badly as their massive layoffs (90,000) would lead you to believe. Sure, Lockheed Martin got the HUGE Joint Strike Fighter contract a few weeks ago, but Boeing's lining up some <a href="">pretty sweet deals</a> for itself as well, which include: <span class="quote"><q>The plan to lease 100 converted Boeing 767 air refueling aircraft for a period of 10 years has all the hallmarks of an even bigger boondoggle. The Office of Management and Budget estimates that the lease plan would cost $22 billion, while purchasing the aircraft outright would cost just over $15 billion.</q></span> In the same vein, <a href="">Mother Jones</a> published <a href="">The Stimulus Scam</a>, which discusses many of the bills and proposals before Congress today. Be aware that neither the Boeing contract nor many of these proposals have been passed yet. And lastly, for a bit of levity (though not much), <a href="">Mark Morford</a> of <a href="">SFGate</a> writes <a href="">Bush Fondles Your Luggage, The Feds take over airport security, and fun bodily searches will never be the same</a>.