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Jimmy Dore watches Obama at the DNC

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The video below is a 30-minute analysis of Obama’s short speech at the DNC that provides context from how Obama actually ruled when he was president.

OBAMA Says 'Nobody Is Above the Law'! by Jimmy Dore (YouTube)

I laughed out loud at Dore’s riff on Obama’s continued characterization of America’s torture as “enhanced”, starting at about 4:30,

“That’s my favorite: enhanced interrogation technique. Enhanced? That sounds like it’s nice. Are you going to turn on some mood music and some track lighting?

“No. We’re going to hook your balls up to a car battery and then take turns drowning you.

“Oh! That kind of … I’ll just take the regular. Don’t make a fuss out of me.”

In the article What Drives Trump?, I pointed out that it’s not just Trump who lacks “acts, logic, integrity, or principles”. Obama talks about “values” that failed to be applied—note the self-exonerating passive voice—when “[w]e crossed a line [and] tortured some folks.

Dore pauses the video and yells back,

“You’re supposed to follow your values. […] if you don’t follow your values when things are hardest, then they’re not values, they’re hobbies.”