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Jimmy Dore watches Obama at the DNC


The video below is a 30-minute analysis of Obama's short speech at the DNC that provides context from how Obama actually ruled when he was president. <media src="" href="" source="YouTube" caption="OBAMA Says 'Nobody Is Above the Law'!" width="560px" author="Jimmy Dore"> I laughed out loud at Dore's riff on Obama's continued characterization of America's torture as "enhanced", starting at about 4:30, <bq>That's my favorite: <i>enhanced interrogation technique</i>. Enhanced? That sounds like it's <i>nice</i>. Are you going to turn on some mood music and some track lighting? No. We're going to hook your balls up to a car battery and then take turns drowning you. Oh! That kind of ... I'll just take the regular. Don't make a fuss out of me.</bq> In the article <a href="{app}view_article.php?id=4068">What Drives Trump?</a>, I pointed out that it's not just Trump who lacks <iq>acts, logic, integrity, or principles</iq>. Obama talks about <iq>values</iq> that failed to be applied---note the self-exonerating passive voice---when <iq>[w]e crossed a line [and] tortured some <b>folks</b></iq>. Dore pauses the video and yells back, <bq>You're supposed to follow your values. [...] if you don't follow your values when things are hardest, then they're not <i>values</i>, they're <i>hobbies</i>.</bq>