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Edward Snowden interview with Joe Rogan (September

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For the second time in a year, Joe Rogan interviews Edward Snowden for about three hours. The last time, Snowden was promoting his book Permanent Record; this time, he’s here to drop more knowledge about the U.S. and the world work—just in time for the election. The interview is well-worth the time.

Joe Rogan Experience #1536 − Edward Snowden (YouTube)

The U.S. Department Of Justice had also very recently found that the NSA had acted illegally. This does not exonerate Snowden from the crimes with which he’s accused, but does prove that when he revealed his information, he was revealing evidence of crimes.

Snowden discusses the security state at great length, especially as related to COVID-19 tracing and tracking and lockdowns. He also addresses the possibility of a pardon.

He does admit that he would dearly love to go back to America, but that, even with a pardon, he wouldn’t be safe. Even were he to get a pardon, he would have to legally admit to the crimes with which he’d been charged in order to accept it. It is unclear that he would do so. He is watching very carefully what is happening with poor Julian Assange—and what has already happened to other whistleblowers like Reality Winner and Chelsea Manning, both of whom he fervently hopes get pardons before him.

Snowden is extremely eloquent, expressing himself carefully and well, with impeccable logic. He sees and can convincingly describe connections between topics and policies that others consider disparate. He is prolix to the extreme and Joe gives him a very long leash. Joe comports himself quite well, asking interesting questions and clearly enjoying providing a huge platform to a man who he clearly admires for his intellect and as a hero.

Snowden takes part from Moscow, naturally, where he lives with his wife Lindsey Mills.