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A Video on Justice by ContraPoints

Published by marco on

The presentation in this video is both unorthodox and well-produced; the information is top-notch and interesting. It discusses justice not as found in courts, but as found online, where it is meted out by the self-nominated and righteous.

Justice (Part 1) by ContraPoints (YouTube)

From the video above,

“I’m not going to comment because I don’t want to be canceled for seeming to take a neutral stance on an issue on which I’m supposed to take sides.”

Speaking of which, I’d only recently discovered ContraPoints when I watched “Canceling”, which was published 9 months ago, before the recent wave of blowback against doxing and brigading people with whom you disagree. Unreasonable and ignorant people band together to ruin the lives of people by making them lose their jobs and positions. It kind of goes in the same direction as the most recent video above. It is is also very interesting, well-produced, and thoughful.

Canceling by ContraPoints (YouTube)