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Deep Fakes are overkill for our tiny brains

Published by marco on

Cheyenne 9’s Coverage of the Official White House Address by Sassy Justice (YouTube)

Just in case you think you can spot a deep-fake video from a mile away, the gentlemen that brought you South Park made a new Sassy Justice video. They do us the favor of making it pretty clear that this never happened; others will not be so generous. On the surface, it’s just a joke video, but the implications are grave. If Sassy Justice can make this video, what’s stopping a much-better funded news organization from making a “Trump/Biden calls staffer the c-word, caught on tape” video?

The SMBC comic about villainy shows a master criminal who “can generate a perfect deep-fake of any public figure doing anything”, to which his interlocutor responds “Why waste all that computing power? Just take an out-of-context still of the politician you don’t like and writer whatever claim you want on it.”

“Using neural networks to fool the human mind is like using a bazooka to fight a hamster.”