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State of CSS 2021

Published by marco on

I just finished reading through the State of CSS 2021. It’s a well-presented[1] summary of a developer survey about CSS.

I liked the following sections:

the sub-sections have a pretty fine-grained listing of CSS features, usage, caniuse and MDN links, if you’re interested in finding out what you might be missing…or want to be smug about all of the CSS features you know about and use.
The rankings in the sub-sections are broken down by “Satisfaction”, “Interest”, “Usage”, and “Awareness”.
PostCSS, vanilla-extract, CSS Modules, and Stiches seem worth following up on.
They rightly note that container queries[2] and Cascade Layers[3] will drastically reduce the number of media queries and prefixing and pre- or post-processing needed for CSS. Another step in eliminating pre- or post-processing would be to support CSS nesting natively, but that’s a bit farther out.[4]

[1] The permalinks next to the titles don’t work. I submitted an issue and it may already be fixed by the time you browse to it.
[2] Available behind a flag in Blink-based browsers (Chrome, Edge, Opera). In-progress in WebKit/Safari. There’s a container-query polyfill available
[3] Available behind a flag in Blink-based browsers and Firefox and the Safari TP.[5] No polyfill, so you really have to wait for non-flag release to use this feature.
[4] Technology Preview
[5] There are support bugs for all major browsers, but no released implementation so far, even behind a feature flag.