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State of CSS 2021


I just finished reading through the <a href="" author="" source="">State of CSS 2021</a>. It's a well-presented<fn> summary of a developer survey about CSS. I liked the following sections: <dl dt_class="field"> <a href="">Features</a> the sub-sections have a pretty fine-grained listing of CSS features, usage, <a href="">caniuse</a> and <a href="">MDN</a> links, if you're interested in finding out what you might be missing...or want to be smug about all of the CSS features you know about and use. <a href="">Technologies</a> The rankings in the sub-sections are broken down by "Satisfaction", "Interest", "Usage", and "Awareness". <a href="">Awards</a> <a href="">PostCSS</a>, <a href="">vanilla-extract</a>, <a href="">CSS Modules</a>, and <a href="">Stiches</a> seem worth following up on. <a href="">Conclusion</a> They rightly note that <a href="">container queries</a><fn> and <a href="">Cascade Layers</a><fn> will drastically reduce the number of media queries and prefixing and pre- or post-processing needed for CSS. Another step in eliminating pre- or post-processing would be to support CSS nesting natively, but that's a <a href="">bit farther out</a>.<fn> </dl> <hr> <ft>The permalinks next to the titles don't work. I submitted an <a href="">issue</a> and it may already be fixed by the time you browse to it.</ft> <ft>Available behind a flag in Blink-based browsers (Chrome, Edge, Opera). In-progress in WebKit/Safari. There's a <a href="">container-query polyfill</a> available</ft> <ft>Available behind a flag in Blink-based browsers and Firefox and the Safari TP.<fn> No polyfill, so you really have to wait for non-flag release to use this feature.</ft> <ft>Technology Preview</ft> <ft>There are support bugs for all major browsers, but no released implementation so far, even behind a feature flag.</ft>