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Strava does it again

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The Strava “your year in review” is back in 2021.[1]

 Strava Year In Review 2021

I just wanted to point out a couple of things:

  1. This overview is only available on the mobile app. Desktop users are out of luck.
  2. The overview and statistics is only available in animated form. You can’t stop the animation nor can you browse the pages in a normal fashion. The presentation is utterly and completely accessibility-unfriendly. You can only screenshot a page as it slides by.
  3. Although the version from 2020 suffered from the same issues above, it at least managed to present the data in the units I have selected on Strava, which are kilometers and Celsius.[2] It managed to show my coldest activity in Celsius, but showed all distances and elevations in miles and feet, respectively.

[1] I did not post this to flex my numbers.[3] I have no idea how they compare to other people’s numbers. I’m a healthy, active person living in a beautiful, mountainous country. I likes to be outside and have friends who feel the same way, all of which makes it much easier to do stuff that Strava considers to be valuable.
[2] As God intended. See Velominati’s rule #24.[4] I actually re-checked the setting just to be sure: yes, it’s set to “metric”.
[3] I don’t even put every activity on Strava (e.g. strength or yoga workouts at home). 💪
[4] On a side note and, while we’re actually on the topic of accessible web sites, the Velominati web site uses a simple HTML unordered list and CSS to style it the way they’d like. Very nice.