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WebCore 2.6.0 Released!


After over a year in development and a skipped internal release (2.5.0), the latest and greatest in PHP web site development technology is once again available to a clamoring public. <img src="{icons}/comment/smiley_15px"> You should probably <a href="{root}software/webcore/download.php"><img src="{icons}buttons/download_16px"> Download</a> it now. New features in 2.6.0 (since 2.4.0) are: <ul> File uploading fully integrated and worry-free Image manipulation Generalized form rendering Previewing supported in almost all forms Fully HTML 4.01 valid templates Massively improved the "munger"; HTML and plain text support much more powerful formatting Added icon and theme management (users and folders can have unique icons or avatars) Generalized attachments suport (comments/entries/folders) General support for "locations" so that a text block can refer to content without specifying exactly where it needs to be (e.g. to refer to a nested attachment) More advanced searching (search on any and all fields) Compressed files support EXIF extraction support Much more sophisticated subscriber options Improved email generation (publishing generates table of contents for longer mails) Draft mode supported in all applications Much improved hierarchy for data objects (much easier to create non-application objects and reuse code) Improved logging and developer tools for debugging/profiling Template files are now easily overridable Individual classes and renderers are also easily overridable (for plugins) Integration into non-WebCore pages as easy as dropping in WebCore objects (location is automatically detected and adjusted) Toolbars for objects are now in CSS-only drop-down menus (cleaner look) Simplified configuration and customization Drastically improved security and permissions granularity and application-specific customizability Error handling and reporting much improved (including 'retry' and 'debug' modes) Improved and extended platform-independent file and url handling ...and probably much, much more that I can't remember right now... </ul> The application have also improved, inheriting all the features listed above and adding: <ul> Albums has much improved album options Albums has a batch upload feature (extracting images from a ZIP file and automatically creating thumbnails and assigning dates) Albums can now upload pictures/extract EXIF date/etc. Projects supports testing and release dates and sorts intelligently to show the most important jobs first Projects has a release wizard now to show exactly what will happen when a release is shipped ... and again, much, much more... </ul> Did I mention that all this is available for <a href="{root}software/webcore/download.php"><img src="{icons}buttons/download_16px"> Download</a>?