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8 years Ago

earthli Themes have been updated

Published by marco on

Since almost the beginning, earthli has supported themes that let the user choose the basic color scheme for the site. In the early days of the web, it was a cool way of playing with CSS. It also kept your coding honest because you had to stick to a style guide instead of just throwing in styles all over the place.

In recent years, the themes started to look a bit dated. With the introduction of a completely new base layout, most of the themes looked bad and skewed instead of simply dated.

A... [More]

Text-formatting manual update

Published by marco on

Text-formatting manual updated!

The manual for the earthli text formatter has been updated to include all of the latest tags and attributes. All of the non-trivial tags now have examples, including , , footnotes ( and ), , and


There are a couple of new tags for showing messages, , and , examples of which are shown below.

This is an informational message.
This is a warning message.
This is an error message.

9 years Ago

Initial update to the style and structure of

Published by marco on

Web browsing has come a long way since earthli’s default style was originally created. It was high time to clean out the decade-old default style and apply some modern design ideas to it. Nothing radical, but any design of a certain age will end up being more appropriate for older browsers than more modern ones.

On the one hand, the style accumulates cruft engendered by browser limitations that no longer apply and, on the other, the basic layout no longer works well on the most common... [More]

12 years Ago

Search bug fixed and styling update

Published by marco on

Item the First: Search Bug

For the last couple of months, it has been impossible to search earthli in any of the applications (news, albums, recipes). This bug has been fixed as of today and searching should work as expected.

Item the Second: Styling of Citations

The default theme on earthli no longer uses a dark red color to indicate that a particular piece of text is a citation. Long time readers have doubtless become quite accustomed to picking out citations by color, and it is hoped that... [More]

13 years Ago

WebCore 3.x is available!

Published by marco on

Older versions of the earthli WebCore were more clearly delineated release packages and were hosted at SourceForge and offered for download on this site. Much time has passed and there have always been incremental upgrades made for the maintenance of, but no more official releases.

A little while ago, the earthli WebCore’s source was moved from a private, firewalled Perforce server to an externally available Mercurial server. The structure has changed somewhat since the 2.7.0... [More]

16 years Ago

WebCore 2.7.0 Released!!!

Published by marco on

A good eight months since the last service pack, 2.6.1, comes a new release of the earthli WebCore, 2.7.0.

The minor version bump is, in the end, an understatement. Though WebCore applications include much of the same funtionality, there are significant under-the-hood and cosmetic changes:

For the user:

  • Drastically improved search UI, including searching for users, comments, and all types of objects in an application. Search results include smart summaries showing... [More] Moves to WebCore 2.7.0

Published by marco on

 Though still not officially available, has migrated to the latest and greatest version of the earthli WebCore. Look for a downloadable release within the next week or so. In the meantime, you can cruise around earthli and see some of the improvements for yourself. As with most WebCore releases, the differences are mainly non-cosmetic and of benefit to developers working with the library. However, there are noticeable improvements to the toolbars, menus and other UI elements.

17 years Ago

earthli WebCore 2.6.1 shipped

Published by marco on

The first service pack is available at the WebCore home page. This release includes some smaller bug fixes and some usability improvements. There are also release notes and a change log to read.

The earthli applications have also been updated and have their own change logs: Albums, News, Projects and Recipes.

WebCore 2.6.0 Released!

Published by marco on

After over a year in development and a skipped internal release (2.5.0), the latest and greatest in PHP web site development technology is once again available to a clamoring public.

You should probably  Download it now.

New features in 2.6.0 (since 2.4.0) are:

  • File uploading fully integrated and worry-free
  • Image manipulation
  • Generalized form rendering
  • Previewing supported in almost all forms
  • Fully HTML 4.01 valid templates
  • Massively improved the “munger”; HTML and plain text support much... [More]

WebCore site updated

Published by marco on

The WebCore has a new home (again)! The home page is updated to be much more dynamic (and take advantage of WebCore applications) and many other pages have been updated as well.

  • Downloads are easier to find
  • Installation instructions are updated and finally complete
  • The First Run section includes a nice, 20-step instruction manual taking you through your first few minutes with your newly installed WebCore application.

18 years Ago

JavaScript Calendar published

Published by marco on

 The earthli WebCore now uses a nifty JavaScript calendar component to let users easily choose and set dates. This makes choosing dates for pictures in earthli Albums a breeze!

You don’t have to get the WebCore to use it — it’s also available as an separate open-source component. Check out a  demo or  download it now.

Brought to you by earthli Software.

All-new WebCore site!

Published by marco on

The WebCore home pages have finally gotten an update — there’s a lot more introductory text explaining what it is and what it does.

  • Check out Why use the earthli WebCore?
  • The features page is all-new and focuses more on top-level usable features and time-savers offered by the WebCore.
  • Downloads actually works now and doesn’t break every time a new release is made in earthli Projects.

The new library (2.5) isn’t available yet, but we’re getting there.

earthli Projects 1.7.0 Alpha screenshot

Published by marco on

Both earthli Projects and the earthli WebCore are still in development, but here’s a screenshot showing the new look for the job page.

19 years Ago

WebCore 2.4 released/docs updated

Published by marco on

 WebCore boxThere is a brand new release of the earthli WebCore, along with upgrades for all four modules. The modules are now available for download in easier-to-install packages and include much better installation instructions.

As you can see, the WebCore has also acquired a shiny new logo.

earthli WebCore 2.2.2 released!

Published by marco on is proud to announce that the code on which this web-site runs is finally ready for release to the masses. It is published under the open-source GPL license and is available for download right here on The release is accompanied by full documentation for both casual users and developers. For more information, visit the official WebCore home page.