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earthli WebCore 2.6.1 shipped


The first service pack is available at the <a href="{root}software/webcore/">WebCore home page</a>. This release includes some smaller bug fixes and some usability improvements. There are also <a href="{root}projects/view_release_change_log.php?id=64">release notes and a change log</a> to read. The earthli applications have also been updated and have their own change logs: <a href="{root}projects/view_release_change_log.php?id=69">Albums</a>, <a href="{root}projects/view_release_change_log.php?id=73">News</a>, <a href="{root}projects/view_release_change_log.php?id=68">Projects</a> and <a href="{root}projects/view_release_change_log.php?id=72">Recipes</a>.