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Attention America: How to Pronounce a Certain German Propagandist's Name


Dear American Media, Political Talking Heads and Wonks of all Stripes, If you're going to insist on calling each other Nazis all the damned time, fine. I don't even care that the shoe almost never fits. But, if you're going to invoke the dreaded <a href="öbbels" source="Wikpedia" author="">Herr Göbbels</a>, at least pronounce his name correctly. Take a close look, morons: that's an umlaut, not an 'r'. While it's inspiring that you actually manage the umlaut correctly, it's a complete mystery why you all insist on adding an 'r' after it. Knock it off. Now. Or just use <a href="öring" source="Wikipedia" author="">Hermann Göring</a> instead: he, too, was a nasty piece of work. Though he wasn't strictly a propagandist, your audience doesn't even know you're mispronouncing Göbbels's name, so who the f&%k cares? They're Americans; it's not like they're <i>strong</i> in historical figures. At least Hermann's name has an 'r' in it.