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More Book Recommendations from Amazon


I wrote <a href="{app}/view_article.php?id=3819">Book recommendations from Kindle</a> in October of 2019. Since then, the recommendations have not gotten any better. The following three recommendations have been haunting me for a month. <img attachment="img_7968.jpeg" align="left" caption="How to Retire on Dividends"><img attachment="img_7952.jpeg" align="left" caption="Her Cowboy Billionaire Best Friend"><img attachment="img_7967.jpeg" align="left" caption="Devious Lies"> <clear>None of these makes any sense for me whatsoever. None of them comes even close to matching my reading history.<fn> The bodice-rippers are just generic recommendations; the investment book is particularly laughable right now, in our time of COVID-inspired free-fall and an attendant complete reworking of the economy. I guess the AIs aren't coming for us, after all. They can't even make a halfway-decent recommendation based on pretty extensive reading lists and history at Amazon. <hr> <ft>Or that of my wife, with whom I have a "family plan" at Amazon.</ft>