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More Book Recommendations from Amazon

Published by marco on

I wrote Book recommendations from Kindle in October of 2019. Since then, the recommendations have not gotten any better.

The following three recommendations have been haunting me for a month.

 How to Retire on Dividends Her Cowboy Billionaire Best Friend Devious Lies

None of these makes any sense for me whatsoever. None of them comes even close to matching my reading history.[1]

The bodice-rippers are just generic recommendations; the investment book is particularly laughable right now, in our time of COVID-inspired free-fall and an attendant complete reworking of the economy.

I guess the AIs aren’t coming for us, after all. They can’t even make a halfway-decent recommendation based on pretty extensive reading lists and history at Amazon.

[1] Or that of my wife, with whom I have a “family plan” at Amazon.