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More great suggestions from Amazon


<h>The Handsewer's Son</h> <img attachment="img_9344.jpeg" align="none" caption="The Handsewer's Son"> The blurb below the amazing cover is: <bq>Imagine having a gem in your hand that allows you to cut through the fabric of the universe. With a vision that can take you anyplace in the Galaxy.</bq> Amazon has had access to my wishlists for over a decade. Possibly even two decades. They have names like "Sociology and Philosophy", "History and Biography", "Science and Technology", and "Public Policy". There is no "self-published YA Fiction that is most likely utter shite even for the already low bar of the genre". <ul> What is a handsewer? Is that where the water from the washbasin goes? Hooray: It's only Book <i>I</i>. There are more. What does the second "sentence" refer to? The gem? Why is it separate from the first sentence? Why not anywhere? Why the awkward anyplace? Why is galaxy capitalized? Is the author German? Why would anyone read this book? The model looks like a twee clone of Cary Elwes from <i>The Princess Bride</i>. A gig's a gig, I guess. </ul>