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More great suggestions from Amazon

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The Handsewer’s Son

 The Handsewer's Son

The blurb below the amazing cover is:

“Imagine having a gem in your hand that allows you to cut through the fabric of the universe. With a vision that can take you anyplace in the Galaxy.”

Amazon has had access to my wishlists for over a decade. Possibly even two decades. They have names like “Sociology and Philosophy”, “History and Biography”, “Science and Technology”, and “Public Policy”. There is no “self-published YA Fiction that is most likely utter shite even for the already low bar of the genre”.

  • What is a handsewer? Is that where the water from the washbasin goes?
  • Hooray: It’s only Book I. There are more.
  • What does the second “sentence” refer to? The gem? Why is it separate from the first sentence?
  • Why not anywhere? Why the awkward anyplace?
  • Why is galaxy capitalized? Is the author German?
  • Why would anyone read this book?
  • The model looks like a twee clone of Cary Elwes from The Princess Bride. A gig’s a gig, I guess.