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<abbr title="Thanks, I hate it">TIHI</abbr>: SmartGit's new "Discard to Stash" Feature


This a quick note for anyone else who's downloaded the latest version of SmartGit (20.2.3 #16150) and is seeing mysterious stashes that they know they haven't created. There's a new feature called "discard to stash" that is enabled by default. <img src="{att_link}screen_shot_2021-03-03_at_13.36.57.png" href="{att_link}screen_shot_2021-03-03_at_13.36.57.png" align="none" caption="Discard to Stash selected by default" scale="50%"> What this does is to stash every time you press <kbd>(-cmd)</kbd> + <kbd>Z</kbd> to discard changes. I understand that this is a failsafe "just in case", but I kept ended up with a dozen stashes I had no use for. On balance, I'd rather have the tiny risk of wanting changes back that I'd discarded---I can't recall this ever having happened---than the "noise" of stashes muddling the list of actual stashes I'd saved. I started off trying to train myself to hit <kbd>right arrow</kbd> and then enter, or typing <kbd>D</kbd> instead of <kbd>(-enter)</kbd>, but I gave up and found an "advanced" preference to switch the default behavior. <img src="{att_link}screen_shot_2021-03-04_at_08.34.40.png" href="{att_link}screen_shot_2021-03-04_at_08.34.40.png" align="none" caption="Change default value for Discard to Stash" scale="32%"> <ol> Open Preferences Select "Low-level properties" Select "I accept the risk!" Search for "discard" Change the value to "false" Press OK </ol>