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It's like you're not even looking at the charts


The comic <a href="" author="Corey Mohler" source="">Explaining Capitalism to Aliens</a> shows a top-hatted capitalist explaining our economy to two, much-taller, blue aliens with tentacles for arms and two extra tentacles extending from their ribcages. Their physiognomy isn't relevant to the story, but that's what they look like. <img src="" width="600px"> <bq><b>Alien:</b> "Explain to us: how do you decide how to allocate resources, and who does what work, on Earth?" <b>Human:</b> "So you see, on Earth we have a free market, so resources are efficiently allocated to meet the needs of the people, based on market principles like supply and demand. " <b>Human:</b> "Entrepreneurs own the factories, and workers sell their labor to them." <b>Alien:</b> "How can you “own” a factory?" <b>Human:</b> "That's easy, you just have a piece of paper saying that you do, and the State enforces it with police." <b>Alien:</b> "But what I don't understand is why do the workers obey the people with the pieces of paper that say they own everything?" <b>Human:</b> "No, they aren't obeying them, they are entering into a free contract in order to earn the money they need to survive. " <b>Alien:</b> "That sounds a lot like how we kept beasts of burden as slaves in our primitive societies. " <b>Human:</b> "No, you aren't getting it, it is freedom." <b>Alien:</b> "I don't understand, why don't the workers, being the larger class, simply destroy and eat the smaller class who commands them?" <b>Human:</b> [looking annoyed] <b>Human:</b> "Let me show you some of the charts again..."</bq> The final, hover-over text reads, <bq><b>Alien:</b> "I don't understand, if ever increasing-consumption is leading to the destruction of your own planet, why don't you just reduce consumption?" "Because then the investors would lose money. <b>It's like you aren't even reading the charts.</b>"</bq>