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20 years Ago

Fact-checking at CNN

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From their article titled “AMD allies with Transmeta”

“Most of today’s microprocessors are “32-bit,” which means they process data 32 bits at a time. It also refers to the size of the “pointer,” which determines how much data the processor can address directly. Current 32-bit processors can address 4 gigabytes of data.“

“The industry has been gradually moving toward a 64-bit architecture, which multiplies the amount of data the... [More]

Suck takes on the music industry

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A look at what ‘big media’ is trying to get away with these days…

China/U.S. Standoff

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More kids kill themselves than other kids

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This is an interesting article focussing child suicide rates and why they are ignored in favor of reporting child murder rates.

Another pick-me-up article:½018208&mode=nocomment

21 years Ago

Frustrated by the Electoral College?

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Want to get rid of it? Not so fast…

Usability testing for voting apparatus

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Dan Bricklin has weighed in on the usability of the Palm Beach voting ballot. He’s one of the inventors of Visicalc (the first spreadsheet program) and a proponent of usable interfaces for software.

Hugs and Guns from Dubya to Columbine

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From our friends across the pond at the Register:

Nike Freedom

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Nike now lets you personalize your shoes by submitting a word or phrase which they will stitch onto your shoes, under the swoosh.  So Jonah Peretti filled out the form and sent them $50 to stitch “sweatshop” onto his shoes.

Here’s the responses he got… fun and games with Nike…

From: “Personalize, NIKE iD” <>
To: “‘Jonah H. Peretti’” <>
Subject: RE: Your NIKE  iD order o16468000

Your NIKE iD order was cancelled for one or more of
the... [More]

Rudy Couldn’t Control himself

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There he is. I can see him through the car window. He’s trying out the roof of City Hall this time. Rudolph Giuliani always is a little man in search of a balcony.

We pull up to what was once the public entrance to the plaza and steps of City Hall in New York City, a lovely old building where once they held a wake for Abraham Lincoln and a wonderful, shrieking celebration for Charles A. Lindbergh.

And now they have black iron picket fences and gates stopping any car from going in without a... [More]