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3 years Ago

65. Zürcher Wein-Austellung (Weinschiff)

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Kath, Max and I went to the 65th Zürich wine expo in November. It’s held every year on the lake of Zürich on several ships (eight, I think, but don’t hold me to it).

Along the way, we learned about two wine events:

Wines we tried (and liked)

Obviously, we’re moderate noobs and we tried a ton of wines and we failed to cleanse our palettes and sometimes we liked wines... [More]

13 years Ago

Summer 2009 Journal

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August 1, 2009

Kath and Marco pick up Sean, Amber and Chloe from the Kloten airport in the morning and bring them home for their first brunch and the start of a long, jet-lagged day. After brunch, Chloe and Amber take a nap while Marco, Sean and Kath take a walk around the neighborhood, walking up to the waterfall in the Tobel before heading back to wake up the sleeping beauties. In order to keep everyone going and on their feet, we took advantage of the great weather and walked to the lake... [More]

Summer 2008 Journal

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June 20, 2008

  • Took the 07:21 S3 from Kempten to Kloten.
  • Continental Airlines flight #79 departed Zürich at 10:35 (about 1 hour late) and arrived at Newark at 13:40.
  • We picked up one-way rental from Avis (for a small fortune)
  • We drove upstate through pretty heavy traffic in New Jersey; further upstate, it’s much better and it’s smooth sailing.
  • We stopped in Little Falls to eat at the East End Steakhouse (becoming kind of a tradition) and arrive in Ilion at around 21:00
  • Annie Watkins was there... [More]

Device Names

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  • Asgard: Windows workgroup; no longer actively used. (home of the gods)
  • Valhalla: Wireless network. (where warriors go when they die)
  • Loki: First Alienware computer; deceased. (trickster god)
  • Thor: Second Alienware computer. (god of thunder)
  • Idun: “scoop of rice” iMac. (wife of Odin, god of gods)
  • Nott: Kath’s iPod Shuffle. (goddess of night)
  • Sif: Marco’s iPod Shuffle. (corn goddess; wife of Thor)
  • Freya: Kath’s Sony-Ericsson K550i phone. (goddess of love, fertility and sexual desire)
  • Goll:... [More]