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Introducing Mobile Mode for earthli Apps

Published on in earthli Albums

A couple of years ago, I wrote some documentation on How to browse pictures and albums on earthli. The article below extends those instructions to explain how to use a new mobile mode.

New Features

Mobile Mode
There is a new browsing mode on earthli that provides a read-only view of individual entries (like articles, pictures, journals, etc.) that is much more mobile-friendly. This mode is available for all applications (e.g. Recipes or News) but is most useful for the Albums where the mode... [More]

4 years Ago

Books read in 2015

Published on in Books & Movies

Don Quixote (1605)

by Miguel de Cervantes

I liked part two even better than part one. Part II of the book starts with a discussion of the first part of the book, which in this second part has appeared as a publication already famous throughout Spain. Don Quixote and Sancho Panza discuss this book with a bachelor who is very familiar with it, questioning and probing to determine that it reflects the truth…but not too much of the truth. This part is really very nicely written and the... [More]