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19 years Ago

Survivor − Texas Style

Published on in Fun

A major network is planning the show “Survivor 2” this winter. In response, Texas is planning “Survivor, Texas Style”.

The contestants will start in Dallas, travel through Waco, Austin, San Antonio, down to Houston and Brownsville. They will proceed up to Del Rio, on to El Paso, then to Midland/Odessa, up to Lubbock and Amarillo.

From there, they proceed to Abilene, and on to Ft. Worth and back to Dallas.

Each will be driving a pink Volvo, with a bumper sticker that reads:

“I’m gay, I... [More]

The uni-screw (not a joke)

Published on in Miscellaneous

This is an interesting one on the manufacturing of a new type of screw head.

GeForce3 in more depth than you can imagine

Published on in Technology

This site is by one of the leading hardware guys on the web…he’s from Germany. His writeup is huge, but if you’re interested in the feature set:


My take is that the GeForce3 introduces some amazing new techonologies and the card kicks ass. However, the next card will take some of the rough edges off of those technologies and kick even more ass.


Published on in Technology

A couple of more articles on the insidous approach of a dumbed-down era of computing:



earthli Forums created

Published on in earthli.com

earthli Forums has been spun from the project manager.

Descrambling DVDs with Perl

Published on in Technology

Here you’ll find a 526 byte Perl script that can descramble DVDs in real time.


Latest buzz is they’re going to get away with it

Published on in Technology

One day the court hates MS:


Another, they seem to have no problem with MS:


One Big SUV

Published on in Fun

Project Manager begun

Published on in earthli.com

The project manager is underway.

Clinton’s graceful exit

Published on in Fun

Bill Clinton’s still making the news because he had the nerve to pardon one of the few international  crooks and swindlers who was not a Republican.

- Michael Feldman (public radio’s “Whad’Ya Know?”)

In Thailand, a building has been named Clinton Plaza after ex-President Clinton. It contains six stories of discos, go-go bars and strip clubs. Apparently, Clinton is furious because they stole the idea for his presidential library.

- Conan O’Brien (“Late Night with Conan O’Brien”)

Can you imagine working here?

Published on in Miscellaneous

Can you imagine working at the following Company?

This company has a little over 500 employees with the following statistics:

  • 29 have been accused of spousal abuse
  • 7 have been arrested for fraud
  • 19 have been accused of writing bad checks
  • 117 have bankrupted at least two businesses
  • 3 have been arrested for assault
  • 71 cannot get a credit card due to bad credit
  • 14 have been arrested on drug-related charges
  • 8 have been arrested for shoplifting
  • 21 are current defendants in lawsuits
  • In 1998 alone,... [More]

Latest patent issued

Published on in Technology

This ones for software patches, issued to Symantec. It was actually issued in April of 2000.

Read it, the description is so general that any and all patching technologies fall under it.


Oz back on Webcam

Published on in earthli.com

Oz is back on the Webcam.

Added Whistler 2001 pictures.

Published on in earthli.com

Added some pictures to the Whistler 2001 album.

Updated Oz’s home page

Published on in earthli.com

Updated Oz’s home page (New pictures).

Re-organized Logicat section

Published on in earthli.com

Cleaned up and reorganized the work and notes section.

New Test Engine Manuals

Published on in earthli.com

Added updated version of Test Engine manuals.

New Jass Strategy

Published on in earthli.com

Added a strategy to the Jass Manual (playing backwards).

Updated Jass Manual

Published on in earthli.com

Themes added to Photo Albums

Published on in earthli.com

Added forest, winter and island styles to photo album admin area.

Photo Albums upgraded

Published on in earthli.com

Numerous improvements to the photo album site. (Work Log)

Webcam Opens

Published on in earthli.com

Added a webcam site.

20 years Ago

Published on in earthli Software

Writing a screen saver in Windows isn’t exactly hard, but, as with many of the more exotic parts of the Windows API, not exactly friendly either. This library is a set of Delphi classes that make building screen savers a snap. It even includes a test harness so you can debug your screen savers without installing them.

earthli Screen Saver Library

Published on in earthli Software

Where do you start when you want to write a screen saver? A good place to start is Macromedia Flash or Shockwave presentations: they’ve already got everything you need to build a screen saver except a player. The earthli Flash Screen Saver lets you take any Shockwave file and use it as your screen saver. Fully integrated into Windows with real-time preview and configuration options.

earthli Screen Saver Library

Latest Dan Savage

Published on in Miscellaneous


At the end, someone asks him to ‘refrain from trying to make George Bush look stupid’:

“…As for trying to make George W. Bush look stupid, that’s not something anyone has to
break a sweat “trying” to do, not with W. himself doing most of the heavy lifting. Quoting our next Commander-And-Thief verbatim (“They misunderestimated me”) makes him look plenty stupid….“