16 Recipes




From the kitchen of Kath

This is a relatively easy-to-make recipe for chunky applesauce.

Big Zing Marinade


From the kitchen of Honeysuckle White

Chicken Marinade


From the kitchen of Gil's Portugese Recipes

A nice marinade for grilling (adds a lot of flavor even if you can’t marinade for long).

Good for late starters ;-)

Country-style Ketchup


From the kitchen of South Beach Diet Forums

Tangy, non-sweet ketchup that’s chunkier and much more flavorful than anything you can get out of a bottle.


Garam Masala


From the kitchen of Julie Sahni

This is the most aromatic and fragrant of all Indian spice blends. Used throughout North India in all types of dishes − from appetizers and soups to yogurt salad and main courses − this blend is indispensable to Moghul and North Indian cooking. It is widely available, but my homemade version is more fragrant and, of course, fresher.

Hot Pepper Jelly


From the kitchen of Karen & Penny

This is a nice sweet hot jelly that is very good with cream cheese on crackers or anything else you would like to put it on!

Lamb Herb Marinade


From the kitchen of Asian Online Recipes

Ma’s Crock pickles


From the kitchen of Grandma Kroll

Everyone that went to Grandma Kroll’s farm grew up with her delicious dill pickles. She would make a 20 gallon crock on Wed. or Thurs. and by Sun. when everyone went home the crock would be empty; we wouldn’t even give them a chance to really cure!

No-Cook Summer Tomato Sauce


From the kitchen of Karen Van Evera

Onion Dip from Scratch Recipe


From the kitchen of courtesy Alton Brown

Good as vegetable dip.

Pizza Sauce


From the kitchen of Redrabbit (SBD Forums)

South Beach Diet phase 2. Serves 4 (see Whole Wheat Pizza Crust)

Quick Dilly Pickles


From the kitchen of Amber

Quick, refrigerator pickles. Good for about 2 days if they last that long.

Ragù Bolognese: Italian Bolognese Sauce


From the kitchen of Food Nouveau

Makes 12 servings.
This rich, authentic Bolognese Sauce is based on a registered Italian recipe for Ragù Bolognese. This meat-centric sauce is completely different from the bright red, tomato-based North American version of the sauce: it’s creamy, aromatic, and surprisingly delicate in flavor. Italian Bolognese Sauce produces a simply unforgettable pasta dish!

Sour Cream & Parmesan Sauce


From the kitchen of WineSkinny

Alfredo-style sauce without the calories or cardiac risk. Makes enough for 12 oz. of pasta. Serves at least four as a side dish.

Sweet and Sour Sauce


From the kitchen of Diana Rattray

Sweet and sour sauce recipe with pineapple, vinegar, garlic, mustard powder, and ketchup and brown sugar.

Zulu Spaghetti Sauce


The Zulu sauce has a dozen or so ingredients and is pretty hard to find, but very tasty. If you search “Ukuva Zulu Fire Sauce” online, you might find a local vendor. The sauce itself isn’t very hot, but has quite a strong flavor—hence the addition of so much tomato sauce to stabilize it.

Serves a lot. Just look at the ingredients. You’ll be eating it for days.