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Salads & Dressings > Cranberry Sauce

From the kitchen of Whole9

Sweet and sour cranberry sauce without added sugar.

Salads & Dressings > Cranberry Waldorf Salad

From the kitchen of

Delicious, sweet salad.

Cakes > Pumpkin Gingerbread Cake With Maple-Vanilla Frosting

From the kitchen of

I made the cake the night before and frosted it in the morning with traditional 8 oz cream cheese, 4 oz butter and 2 tbsp maple syrup whipped until light and fluffy. No one knew it was grain-free.

Breads > Grain-Free Bread

From the kitchen of

I used this bread for Thanksgiving stuffing. It held up really well and tasted great too.

Vegetables > Green Bean Casserole

From the kitchen of

From scratch and totally worth it. I used fresh green beans, trimmed and cut on the angle, parboiled for a few minutes.

Poultry > Chilaquiles

From the kitchen of Men's Health Magazine

Mexican comfort food and breakfast alternative to eggs.

Sauces & Relishes > Quick Dilly Pickles

From the kitchen of Amber

Quick, refrigerator pickles. Good for about 2 days if they last that long.

Vegetables > Thai Style Corn Fritters

From the kitchen of Closet Cooking

“Better than Thai Ki’s”-Chloe

Pasta, Rice & Grains > Cheese Grits Souffle

From the kitchen of James Denton

Good breakfast side dish.

Cookies > Gluten Free Chocolate and Peanut Butter Chip Cookies

From the kitchen of Some website I can no longer find

A delicious cookie!

Eggs, Cheese and Legumes > Black Bean and Sweet Potato Enchiladas

From the kitchen of Amber

Warm, cozy comfort food….thats good for you!

Soups & Stews > Tortilla Soup

From the kitchen of Cookie Magazine

Chloe loves it.

Breads > Whole Wheat Biscuits

From the kitchen of

Meat > Jerk Burgers

From the kitchen of Sean

Juicy, flavorful burgers Sean is famous for.

Poultry > Easy Tortilla Soup

From the kitchen of Cookie Magazine

Quick and delicious meal with minimal preparation and minimal clean-up.

Breads > Apricot Walnut Bread

From the kitchen of Cathe Olson

This moist delicious bread supplies vitamin A and iron. And tastes great too! I substituted dried tart cherries for part of the apricots. Yummy!

Soups & Stews > Summer Avocado Soup

From the kitchen of Cookie Magazine

Quick, cool and refreshing. Perfect for a hot night.

Meat > Upside-Down Deep Dish Pizza

From the kitchen of Ragu

We jazzed up this basic recipe and it was hit with all members of the family.

Cakes > Chocolate Stout Cake

From the kitchen of King Arthur Flour "Whole Grain Baking"

WOW! Great chocolate-y flavor, nice light texture. A winner!

Breads > Creme Brulee French Toast

From the kitchen of Wholefoods market

Great for a special brunch.

Breads > Walnut Whole Wheat Bread

From the kitchen of King Arthur Flour "Whole Grain Baking"

Wow! My 3 or 4th 100% whole wheat bread recipe attempt and by far the best! Light, mild and delicious with Grandma’s homemade strawberry jam!

Desserts > Super Simple Sorbet

From the kitchen of Mark Bittman from Men's Health

I made this with strawberries, silken tofu and a little stevia. It was awesome! I bet Greek yogurt would be really good too.

Breads > Chloe’s Raspberry Buttermilk Pancakes

From the kitchen of Jean-Georges Vongerichten

This is the original recipe, I altered it substantially and it still turned out well.

Salads & Dressings > Minty Red Papaya and Black Bean Salad

From the kitchen of Handed down from a friend of a friend

A tropical, light salad.

Salads & Dressings > 24 Hour Vegetable Salad

From the kitchen of Patricia Golshani

A family favorite. Make up to 24 hours ahead of time.

Pasta, Rice & Grains > Butternut Squash Gnocchi

From the kitchen of Sunset Magazine 10/08 Issue

These little dumplings are ever so slightly sweet.

Cakes > Peanut Butter CupCakes

From the kitchen of Amber

Good source of fiber, protein and healthy fats. I know-just what you want to hear when you’re thinking ‘cupcakes’. But I swear, they really taste good!

Soups & Stews > Corn Chowder

From the kitchen of Word of mouth

The soup which prompted Bop-Bop to have thirds.

Soups & Stews > Chicken Stew With Fennel & Saffron

From the kitchen of Mephit

A savory stew that can be served over brown rice, pasta, or just by itself. Its really more of a cacciatore than a stew.

Beverages > Balboa’s World famous Margaritas

From the kitchen of Balboa's Restaurant, Puerto Penasco, Mexico

The best-tasting Margaritas, hands down. After a pitcher of these, you’ll be able to sing like Jimmy Buffet—or at least you think you can!