Vegetables > Thai Broccoli Salad


From the kitchen of South Beach Diet Forums

A most excellent way to choke down broccoli for those non-broccoli fans out there!

Poultry > Coconut Chicken


From the kitchen of South Beach Diet Cookbook

If Bali is the ultimate island, then this dinner is the ultimate Bali taste. Chicken braised in coconut milk (Opor Ayam) is a true classic of Indonesian fare. We did change the chicken to white meat instead of the traditional drumstick or wing. New traditions can sometimes be better than old ones.

Makes 4 servings.

Sauces & Relishes > Country-style Ketchup


From the kitchen of South Beach Diet Forums

Tangy, non-sweet ketchup that’s chunkier and much more flavorful than anything you can get out of a bottle.


Pasta, Rice & Grains > Mushroom Risotto


From the kitchen of New York Newsday

Makes 2 servings

Salads & Dressings > Greek Orzo Salad


From the kitchen of Sean

A very tasty salad. The ingredients are all approximated, add more or less to your taste.

Pies > Sweet Potato Pecan Pie


From the kitchen of Amber

A tasty combo of two of my favorite pies

Poultry > Muslim curry (gang masaman)


From the kitchen of Cookery Art

Cakes > Chocolate Cake


From the kitchen of CD Kitchen

Classic, fluffy cake (Easter 2005)

Sauces & Relishes > Lamb Herb Marinade


From the kitchen of Asian Online Recipes

Sauces & Relishes > Sweet and Sour Sauce


From the kitchen of Diana Rattray

Sweet and sour sauce recipe with pineapple, vinegar, garlic, mustard powder, and ketchup and brown sugar.

Sauces & Relishes > Garam Masala


From the kitchen of Julie Sahni

This is the most aromatic and fragrant of all Indian spice blends. Used throughout North India in all types of dishes − from appetizers and soups to yogurt salad and main courses − this blend is indispensable to Moghul and North Indian cooking. It is widely available, but my homemade version is more fragrant and, of course, fresher.

Soups & Stews > Aloo Gobi


From the kitchen of chuckdarwin

Great Indian recipe from the film Bend It Like Beckham

Sauces & Relishes > Big Zing Marinade


From the kitchen of Honeysuckle White

Meat > African Curry


From the kitchen of Valeriekooka

This is an African (Mozambique) curry that can be done with chicken, shrimp, or crab. Goes well with tomato chutney and onion hot sauce. For shrimp or crab, use 1 pound.

Original recipe yield: 4 servings.

Appetizers and Snacks > Fruit Dip


From the kitchen of Karen VanEvera

very good with almost any kind of fruit

Meat > Thai Coconut Red Curry


From the kitchen of Thai Kitchen

Very good with veggies or chicken
You can omit the fish sauce if you don’t like fish!

Meat > Reuben Casserole


From the kitchen of Karen

Very good if you like corned beef; very nice for a get-together on a buffet! Nice snack for a ball game!

Poultry > Chicken Riggies


From the kitchen of Melissa Morris

Chicken riggies originated in Utica, New York and these are an excellent version of them! You can make them as hot or not as you would like just by adjusting the cherry peppers!

Cakes > Pistachio Cake


From the kitchen of ? this recipe has been around quite a long time

this is a very refreshing cake especially good in the summertime.

Poultry > Indian Butter Chicken Makhani


From the kitchen of Asian Home Gourmet

Translation from German into English for the spice paste packet for Chicken Mahkani.

Mmm mmm good.

Beverages > Chai


From the kitchen of Kathleen Van Evera

I actually got this recipe from Gabi Von Ballmoos.

Adjust the amounts of spices to suit your personal taste.

Beverages > Lassi (Punjabi Indian Recipe)


Lassi is famous in all over India. Basically, Lassi is a famous soft drink in the indian state of Punjab, Haryana, Delhi etc. Lassi is very easy to make and quite delicious. Lassi is nutritious owing to the presence of yoghurt that helps in smooth digestion.

Servings: 1-2

Cakes > Hershey’s Chocolate Frosting


Makes about 2 cups of frosting. Fabulous on a chocolate layer cake!

Cakes > Dark Chocolate Cake


This cake is very dark and delicious! The recipe makes a lot of cake batter though − enough for three round pans. I halved the recipe and made one larger round pan. Or you could make cupcakes too . . .

Frosting Suggestion: Hershey’s Chocolate Frosting

Salads & Dressings > Applebee’s Oriental Salad Dressing


Desserts > Chewy Cocoa Brownies


From the kitchen of Nestle Toll House Best-Loved Cookies Cookbook

Salads & Dressings > Tossed Pizza Salad


Like a pizza only healthier!

Poultry > Six Spice Maple Cornish Hens


From the kitchen of McCormick® & Company

These Cornish game hens are bursting with sweet heat! The flavor and heat from six spices are balanced by the sweetness of maple syrup.
Servings: 4

Appetizers and Snacks > Ceviche’ Para Trader Joe’s


From the kitchen of Mephit, ala Trader Joes

Not traditional ceviche’ in that it does not have any raw fish, but a very tasty snack that can be eaten as a meal.

Pasta, Rice & Grains > Asian Noodles in Satay Sauce


From the kitchen of Kath

Serving Size: 4

This is a Weight Watchers recipe that I found, but it looks really good. However, the ‘4’ servings might be really small if you have a hungry family.